How to kill a Bird 43 Slug


Well I recently bought a broken Bird 43 slug and I was wondering how it looked inside, since the slug was not working properly I could not do much more dam midge than there was already done :-)

This is how it looked like before I began :-)

Here I removed the white plastic cap and 2 screws.


Well I couldn't take it further apart from this side so I drilled a 3,5mm hole in the front and took the lid off

Well You can see a little hole in the lid (there was no other way to open it) and you can see a hole for calibrating the slug.

Well that was it, I would not suggest You do this to a good working slug but if You come across a second hand Bird 43 slug that has a hole in it You know it has been 'calibrated' by a unofficial Bird dealer (or worse).