Current antennas in use by PA3HMP

HF : W3DZZ and MLB from RF systems (using RG213ubx)

W3DZZ (home made) 80/40/20/10 meter band

10M/12M : Antron 99

6M : Cushcraft AR-6 and PKW 4 elem 6 meter band beam

144MHz : home made 2X7 element crossyagi

430MHz : cushcraft 738XB 2X19 element crossyagi

23CM : Home made 26 element loopyagi

144/430MHz : DIamond X-200n

144/430MHz : Commet GP3

0-520MHz : ARMCO Discone

Coaxial switch : Amphenol 3N120R10D (unfortunaly they do not make this one annymore)

If someone has specs of this coax switch PSE contact me

Tower : 15 meter (3X5 meter)

Rotor : Yaesu GS-800SDX with G50 bearing

picture of the old 12M mast

the making of the 7element 144MHz beam

... ..... HF/6M switches