Who is PA3HMP     

Well, the question is "Who is PA3HMP?"

The answer:I'm a Full licenced ham operator (that means that I may work on all ham bands with 400W) I live in a little village called LageMierde in the Netherlands (Europe).

I am married and have a son Erik born in 1998(who strangely enough likes everything with wires attached to it) and a twin Ruud and Anne (Boy and Girl) born in 2003.

I used work as a civilain for the Dutch army where I repaird ssb equipment (Collins RT4402, Harris and Motorola).

One of my other hobbies is riding my bike (Harley-Davidson FLH1200 Sport).

I'm also trying to restore a 1975 Reliant Robin 750 to its (almost) original state: it's a crazy car which has only one front wheel. You could say that it's an English Trabant with a 4 cilinder 4 stroke engine in it, but it is mutch faster than a normal car (55HP and 395kg) :-)

                                                                                                     90% of the car is made out of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (weight is 395Kg)