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My current porto: a KENWOOD TH79

My dualband allmode transceiver Kenwood TS790

My HF and 6 meter set ICOM 756 (rx 0-60Mhz) and the microphone I use on it (Philps EL6030)

My GRC-9 HF-trx

A Heathkit HW-2036 2meter FM trx which i'm (still) trieing to rebuild

My CB radio is a Pan Mega Top (26.965-27.405 Mhz  4watt)


the BEARCAT 70xlt (portable) scanner, one of the best scaners Bearcat ever made                  




                                 MEASURING EQUIPMENT PA3HMP


YAESU YP-150 Dummyload (0-150Mhz 150watt)

Marconi output test set TF1065A (with built- in dummyload 100-550Mhz 25watt)

Marconi 2955 (radio communications test set (0-1000Mhz)

Philps PM6622 (freq counter 0-80Mhz) with prescaler (4GHz)

Essa (freq counter 0-1800Mhz with lf option)

Motorola Solid State Digital Tone Generator (S-1333B ?????)

Home made deviation meter

Home-made power supply 0-25V 10A electronic protected

PM3244 0-50MHz 4 channel scope

Home-made power supply tester (0-30V 300W)


Most equipment is complete with service manual !

Service doc/schematics on cd: PM3240, PM3244, GM2883, TS770,Marcont TF995, Hallicrafters-S15, PS-30, Turner SSK, Microwave MML144.(info ? e-mail me)